27 Weeks Pregnant

Now you are in the 27th week of pregnancy and yes it is true that you are going to be in the end of second trimester in another week. From this week on, many pregnant women will be expecting to see their baby soon. They will be calculating the due date of delivery asking doctors many times how long they should wait to see their son/daughter.

26 Weeks Pregnant

Many women would be enjoying this period of pregnancy since most of the disturbing symptoms are totally gone. Except for occasional pain in the abdomen they are fine most of the day. Don’t forget or postpone the scheduled visit to your doctor for prenatal testing and other screening tests. It is necessary to monitor the health of your baby to make sure that everything is fine with him/her.

Flesh Eating Disease – Causes, Symptoms, Pictures, Treatment

Flesh eating disease is a very rare bacterial infection that destroys and causes death of body tissues. The other name for this disease are necrotizing fasciitis, Fournier’s gangrene, and suppurative fasciitis. The infection would be so deep that it attacks the skin, underlying muscles and tissue and it spreads rapidly causing death of tissues (necrosis). Any skin injury or wound can trigger this infection and different types of bacteria can cause flesh eating disease. This disease is very serious that it causes internal bleeding or sepsis and organ failure.

25 Weeks Pregnant

By now you should have completed testing for gestational diabetes test as instructed by your doctor. But this is not the case for all pregnant women and your doctor will consider several factors before asking you to go for a test. You have to pay regular visits to the clinic for monitoring the growth and health of your child. Weight gain and blood testing will become a routine for you. Weight gain will be steady for many women adding at least half a pound every week.

24 Weeks Pregnant

You will be nearing the end of second trimester in another 4 weeks from now. It is very much essential for you to eat healthy foods and sleep well and continue to visit your doctor for prenatal checking and regular testing. You have to cooperate with your doctor to identify any new symptoms and to avoid any birth complications.