1 Week Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the process by which a mother brings in new life to the planet. It involves series of transformations inside the uterus where a zygote is formed by the fusion of egg cell and sperm. This zygote which looks merely like a cell undergoes various alterations by cell division to give rise to beautiful baby that resembles mother and father.

Very often, the first week of pregnancy goes without any signs and symptoms. Many times it goes without realization unless a woman plans for pregnancy. First week of pregnancy is the period you have just completed your monthly menstrual cycle. There will not be any symptoms during the first week. Most of the women assume that there is a delay in the monthly cycle.

The egg cell will leave the ovary to travel into the fallopian tubes where it gets fused with a sperm. Fertilization takes place and this fertilized egg will move slowly into the uterus where it gets implanted. Many of the pregnancies go unnoticed during the first week since the process of fertilization takes place during the second week only.

Symptoms :

Some women can have symptoms like changes in mood, tiredness, increase in hormone production and frequent urge to urinate. However this is not the case for all women. Though no physical symptoms appear obviously lots of internal changes happen during this week. Some women would have constipation and digestive problems, tenderness in the breast and mood swings due to increased secretion of hormone.

Development of the Fetus :

There is no major development during the first week of pregnancy. It is the time when the egg leaves the ovary and move towards the fallopian tube. And truly speaking, you are not even pregnant during this time. Pregnancy first week is considered by the doctors to calculate the last date of menstrual cycle so that expected date of delivery is found out. Actually the first day of the menstrual cycle is taken as the date of conception for theoretical purpose. From that day nine months period is added to arrive at the EDD time.

During this time, the baby is termed as “blastocyte” and it weighs only 100 gm. It looks like a small egg that contains every chromosome needed to form a baby. In medical terms the fetus is called as zygote during this week. In case more than one egg fuses with the sperm multiple zygotes are formed involving two or three children.

Week 1 Pregnancy

1 Week Pregnancy Tips

Women who are planning for pregnancy can become happy that their monthly period is delayed. It can be the first sign of getting pregnancy but this alone cannot determine your pregnancy. You need to wait for another couple of weeks to get the urine test done to confirm pregnancy.

In case you are taking any medications you can plan your visit next week with your doctor. The sooner you start taking folic acid and vitamins, the more benefits the fetus will get. Some doctors recommend taking folic acid pills even before conception if you are planning to get pregnant. It is good to take 400 micrograms of folic acid each day during your pregnancy period. It is believed to reduce various complications in the baby.

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