11 Weeks Pregnant

At this stage most of the women would show visible signs of pregnancy. It is almost the end of first trimester and by now your baby is growing in rapidly. You can cheer up and stay active since morning sickness and nausea are gone for many women at this stage. You have crossed the risk of miscarriage and truly it is time for celebration. You can plan for short travel of your favorite picnic spot but after consulting your doctor. Your belly will be protruding visibly at the 11th week of pregnancy and from now it would start bulging indicating the growth of your baby.

Symptoms :

It has now become obvious for you and others that you are pregnant. You need not bother much about the weight gain at this stage since it can be slow for many women. But you can see a little pooch in your belly which can be due to the expanding uterus and baby inside.

Most of the pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness, nausea and vomiting would have gone by this period. Instead you might develop bloated feeling and heavy all the time. Plenty of physical as well as chemical changes are happening in you which can cause mood swings. You may not be able to enjoy your favorite meal like before and you feel full after eating little food. But you should not starve since it can directly affect the health of your baby. Make sure that you are eating small frequent meals that include plenty of fruits and vegetables.

You can see extra growth of your fingernails and toenails and your hair as well. There is nothing to worry about since it is due to racing hormones inside your body. Some women can feel the movement of baby inside during the 11th week of pregnancy but it is due to the fluttering inside the stomach. Symptoms of gas and indigestion will be on the rise and to manage it you can switch over to fiber rich diet.

Some women would feel hot flashes and get warmer than normal time. But this is not a cause of concern since it happens to all would-be moms when heart pumps more of blood required for two lives. There can be increase in weight up to 5 pounds but again this is not mandatory. You need not have to worry if there is little weight gain or no weight gain at all.

Development Of The Baby :

Unlike previous weeks, your baby is growing amazingly. He or she would be 2-3 inches long and weighing about 5 ounce. Head will be occupying more than half of his size of his body. His bones are becoming harder and his vital organs continue to grow in size. The skin has not become transparent still and you need to wait for some time.

The baby remains active at this stage but you may not feel him/her at this stage. It remains fully surrounded by amniotic fluid present in the uterus and by now he has learnt to swallow the fluid and urinate as well. Your doctor can say that his urinary organs are functioning well by testing the amniotic fluid. Most of his vital organs have started functioning now but it would become more active by the end of first trimester.

Placenta will take care of supplying essential blood and nutrients for the growing baby along with oxygen. Neck will start forming slowly and from now on the baby will start swimming inside the uterus enjoying his warm home. The good news for you to rejoice is the size of your baby will become double within just three weeks from now.

11 Weeks Pregnant

Tips for the Week :

You can consult your doctor in case you are overweight or underweight. Ensure that you are eating nutritious diet and taking medications prescribed by your doctor. It is not right as many believe that you have to eat for two and it is enough if you add extra 300 calories in your daily diet to keep your baby strong and healthy.

To avoid bloated feeling you can grab something to eat at frequent intervals. Avoid foods that are oily and fat since it can aggravate the symptoms of indigestion and constipation. In case of any doubt you can consult with your doctor about the right set of nutrition to be followed during pregnancy.

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