12 Weeks Pregnant

At last you have reached a significant stage in your pregnancy by completing the first trimester. It is true that you have crossed the most critical points in the growth and development of your baby. You need not have to worry anymore about miscarriage or abortion. You can have a weekend party for announcing that you are pregnant. All you need to do from now on is to eat healthy foods and practice exercises as instructed by your doctor. As long as you are healthy your child will be safe and healthy in your uterus. You are three months pregnant which is clearly visible by the bulging belly and other symptoms.

Symptoms :

By now most of the women are definitely showing about her pregnancy to others. The uterus will appear just above the pubic bone and people can distinguish and identify that you are pregnant. By this time for most of the moms morning sickness and nausea would have gone. Some women will get that special “glow” on their face and body indicating their pregnancy. But for some others their skin would grow darker due to additional pigmentation.

The breasts will become tender and warm and the area around the nipples darkens preparing for lactation. You can see visible spots and freckles on your body and even on your breasts. This stage of pregnancy can cause brown spots or red patches on the skin more particularly on your face. Some women will get acne which will automatically disappear after child-birth.

Do not bother about these cosmetic changes and be receptive for the growing fetus inside. Though morning sickness would have totally gone still many women will experience “fullness” and heavy feeling most of the time. Heartburn and gas problem have become much common in these days. You can feel heartburn due to acidic reflux on your throat, chest and upper abdominal cavity. You need not take any special medications for this effect but try to include fiber rich diet daily.

It is quite common to have emotional conversations due to heightened emotions dominated by progesterone. But remember that you will get rewarded for all the backache and body pain in few months from now. In rare cases, spotting or occasional bleeding can occur for some women. It can be due to molar pregnancy in which there can be water filled ovarian cysts which can likely cause miscarriage.

Development of The Baby :

Your baby is growing rapidly literally and is expanding in size and weight as well. By now neck is grown fully and vocal cords are appearing during the 12th week of pregnancy. Your doctor can see the toenails and fingernails that are developed in ultrasound. The face is now clear with features of nose, ears, lips and mouth. Even the eyebrows are visible and it is the umbilical cord that supplies nutrients and blood for the functions of vital organs of the baby.

At this stage, along with other vital organs brain continues to develop and it starts preparing nerve cells and important hormones. The bones get stronger and the muscles are also seen developing. The baby will start doing small movements like bending of arms and opening and closing his fists etc. But not all the movements are possible for the baby since his brain is not yet fully developed. Most of the things have fallen into place for the growing baby.

12 Weeks Pregnant

Tips For The Week :

You can ask your healthcare provider if there is morning sickness and nausea even now. For most of the women it would have disappeared and if you find it difficult you can get useful tips for managing the same. Eat healthy foods that are spread out in even intervals. Do not let your stomach starve for more than 3 hours. Visit your doctor on scheduled time and do not postpone your appointment.

It is very much essential that your doctor makes follow-up of your baby’s growth inside. Take enough rest and do not exert yourself in doing hard tasks. Look forward for a healthy baby growing inside your womb.

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