13 Weeks Pregnant

You can be happy that you have successfully crossed the worst part of pregnancy since you have just entered the second trimester now. Remember that there is a long way to go and you need to be patient and remain healthy. Continue to eat and sleep well and do small exercises daily.

Symptoms :

At the 13th week of pregnancy the uterus will have grown out of pelvic bones. This would eventually reduce the pressure you have felt on the bladder. There is every chance for you to experience pelvic pain at this stage along with abdominal cramps. This is due to the extending waistline. The ligaments that has been supporting uterus would stretch and elongate for accommodating the increasing size of the uterus which would cause additional pain on the abdomen.

Some women would have severe pain at this stage and seek medical advice. But this sort of pain is normal for every pregnant woman which is caused due to the stretching of pelvic bones. You need not have to panic unless you notice any spotting or blood leak from your vagina. You can consult your doctor if you still have any doubts.

Morning sickness would have definitely gone by now but it has been replaced by heartburn and indigestion issues. Even you eat little food it can cause acid flow in your throat and chest area causing heartburn. Acids from your stomach are pouring into the throat region through food pipe due to reflux reaction. This can cause irritation on the soft lining of the stomach. You can tell your doctor if there is repeated heartburn and take some medications. Your breasts are fully growing at this stage and have become extremely sensitive. For some women there can be slight yellowish discharge of colostrums fluid due to the fast development. You are becoming mom and getting ready for feeding your baby.

Development of the Baby :

Now the baby has undergone tremendous changes for every week and it would be 3 inches in length. His/her weight will be anywhere from 0.7-0.9 ounces at this stage. Since the baby has crossed the embryonic stage it looks very much like a baby. You can see his tiny eyes and tiny limb moving here and there. His eyes are drawn close to each other in the upcoming weeks. Fine hair growths are seen on his eyebrows and also on his skin.

Since the baby is continuously growing his vital organs also respond in the course of development. Intestine starts to move into the right direction and the pancreas begins to secrete insulin. Till childbirth, the placenta will continue its supply of oxygen and essential nutrients required for the baby. There will be exchange of blood through placenta from the mother to the baby. At the end of this week, the baby would have gained the functions of intestine slowly. Most of his organs have started to function by the end of 13th week.

13 weeks pregnant

Tips for the Week :

It is quite common to have stretch marks on your abdomen and hips and even on your buttocks. This is due to the expanding size of your belly along with pelvic bones. You are slowly gaining weight and eat a healthy diet that contains lots of proteins and vitamins. You can consult your doctor if you are concerned about the stretch marks to apply any cream or lotion.

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