14 Weeks Pregnant

At this stage, your body would have got adjusted to the increasing changes and racing hormones. You are already three months pregnant and have completed the first trimester successfully. It is the time you have to eat healthy foods since whatever you consume will directly go into your baby’s system. By now most of the systems of his body will have started functioning independently. You can take it for granted that you have crossed over the weakest points and critical moments. If at all there is any deformity in your baby it should have shown its glimpse at this stage. You need to cope with tremendous internal changes that are happening in your system and also in the baby’s body.

Symptoms :

By the end of 14th week of pregnancy you would have got used to the pregnancy symptoms. Your abdomen continue to expand and your waistline would be expanding every moment in response to the growing baby. You are gaining weight by now indicating that your baby is growing. But watch your foods since most of the women will have increased appetite at this stage and end up putting overweight.

Do not think you should eat for “two”. It is enough if you eat healthy and nutritious food. And don’t forget to do some exercises each day to keep you and your baby fit. There can be spots and freckles anywhere on your body. Your breasts will continue growing bigger in size and also become extra sensitive. For some women moles would appear on the face and other body parts but there is nothing to worry about.

Like before there can be mood swings due to increased hormones. It is better for you to be in touch with support groups and your partner to discuss openly about your symptoms. If needed, you can get pregnancy counseling from professional psychologists for crossing the stage of pregnancy easily.

Baby’s Development :

You can very well see your baby with his large head. He will continue to expand in size and his weight is almost an ounce by now. At this stage, his ears and eyes will move to the right position. Eyes would draw closer to each other and ears will move towards the sides of his head. His neck grows well at this stage and there is clear demarcation of his chest and head. His chin will begin to lift from his chest area. There will be reflex action seen on his limbs and joints during this stage. However the baby is too small and hence these movements are not felt by you.

Now the baby will continue to receive the nutrients and oxygen through placenta. Hence make sure that whatever you eat will have a direct impact on your baby. On closer examination of your baby through ultrasound you can see that your baby is moving his fists and responding well by spreading his fingers wide apart.

14 Weeks Pregnant

His heartbeat is twice as much as yours but it is normal for the growing fetus to have increased heartbeat. And good news is it is possible for you to know the sex of your baby at this stage but you have to wait patiently for the fetus to expose himself/herself. Your baby can be seen sucking his thumb at this period and showing facial expressions also. By now the liver will start producing bile and even the spleen will begin producing red blood cells by the end of 14th week of pregnancy.

Tips for the Week :

As said earlier, you have to watch what you put into your mouth. Eat well and sleep well. Also practice exercise regularly. Discuss with your healthcare provider about the set of exercises you can adopt. To avoid heartburn and digestion problems try to eat small portions frequently daily rather than consuming hefty meals in a single stretch.

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