15 Weeks Pregnant

It is time for you to relax and enjoy the pregnancy now. Most of the symptoms like morning sickness and nausea would have got reduced at this stage and hence you can sit and relax. In the stage of pregnancy week 15 and until the end of second trimester there will not be any disturbing symptoms for most of the women except for back-pain and fatigue occasionally. There is still a long way to go for labor pain and you can sit back and enjoy this period with your partner.

Symptoms :

There may not be any significant signs at this stage of pregnancy for many women except increasing weight and bulging stomach. You need not bother very much about the weight gain since it varies from one mother to another. The ligaments in the pelvic region continue to grow and expand causing pain and at times it can be felt as sharp pain. For some women there can be pain on one side of the stomach and for others it can cause on both the sides.

Baby’s Growth :

As said earlier, the baby continues to grow faster than before and its weight would be more than 1 ounce for now. The skin growth is visible through ultrasound which acts as a protective covering for keeping the baby warm in the amniotic fluid. Lanugo is the term given for fine hair growth covering the skin of the baby which will be present till the baby comes out.

The baby’s ear bones begin to grow stronger than before and now he/she can hear all sounds you are enjoying. He can hear the rhythm of your heartbeat and even the breathing sound. It is good to listen to soft music at this stage which helps in keeping him/her calm. There could be movements of the baby inside the uterus but still the mother cannot feel him yet. You have to wait for some more weeks to feel his presence all the time when he kicks you inside the belly.

15 Weeks Pregnant

At this stage the baby would be responding to every action of the mother showing frowning and squinting emotions. He would put his little finger or thumb into his mouth to learn the art of sucking. The arms and legs of the baby have grown by now and looks in right size and proportion. Now it looks longer than the head which was the longest organ before. The baby will be swallowing food and eliminating feces like us well inside the amniotic fluid. Your doctor can see the baby’s fingernail and toenail developing fast. All his vital organs continue to grow and expand rapidly in size and by now most of the organs would have started functioning.

Tips for the Week :

You can start purchasing for new sized bras if you have not made to the market yet. Read lot of books and listen to soft music and enjoy the beautiful moments of pregnancy. If you feel better you can take off from the work for planning weekend trip to the nearby place. You will shortly learn to sleep on your sides instead of lying on your back. In the forthcoming weeks your belly will continue to grow and you will have to walk or stand in different positions. Stop using high-heeled shoes from now on since it will aggravate the leg pain.

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