16 Weeks Pregnant

On the 16th week of pregnancy you have to do certain testing with your doctor. Your doctor will make sure that everything is fine with the baby and rule out any signs of chromosomal abnormalities at this stage.

Symptoms :

You will feel bloated and heavy most of the time. Some mothers would even wonder what it would feel like during the 35th week of the trimester. You may feel that your weight is increasing almost every day but overall there will be weight gain of 5-10 pounds at this stage of pregnancy.

It is the time when some mothers would start getting back-pain and body ache many times. It is due to the expanding pelvic bones and growing uterus size. Your breasts would have become full grown and becomes more and more sensitive due to increased blood flow. Milk glands will appear on the breast to prepare secreting milk. For some women the veins present in their breasts becomes visible. Your waistline continues to grow and expand due to stretching. Your body is acting in self defense mechanism for protecting both the health of you and your baby.

Development of the Baby :

By now the baby would be growing fast to reach 4-5 inches long and it weighs more than 3 ounces now. The baby will be able to hold his head up without any difficulty at this stage. He will be able to show many expressions on his face responding to your feelings. And the good news for many moms is your doctor can clearly tell you whether you are going to have a girl or boy by the end of this week. Sex organs are fully developed and can be viewed easily on the ultrasound.

His facial features are expanding in full swing marking nose, ears and lips separately. He will be able to show changing expression on his face in responding to light or sound when the sonogram is done. Surprisingly some babies will respond to bright lights by closing his eyes with his hands. He will be able to breathe on his own at this stage. He would learn to inhale and exhale the existing amniotic fluid inside the womb.

16 Weeks Pregnant

Some mothers will experience the first movements of the baby by the end of 16th week of pregnancy. Your baby’s system will be producing fat which is stored under the skin acting as insulation from the external temperature and pressure. The urinary system and circulatory systems have started to function on its own during this stage.

Tips For The Week :

By now for most of the women, second ultrasound and many other tests would be complete. You can breathe easily after knowing that nothing is wrong with your baby and he is hale and healthy inside. You can prepare a list of questions before the next visit to your doctor regarding any fears and feelings or pain. There are some uneasy symptoms like backache for which your doctor can help you with alternative medications. It is time for you to change over for increased size bras to accommodate the growing breasts. You can shop for maternity bras and other clothing suiting the needs of every would-be mom.

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