17 Weeks Pregnant

At this stage you would have learnt how to act and walk like a pregnant woman. Most of the uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms are totally gone by now except for few minutes of pain. You will be used to regular visits to the clinic for doing ultrasound and other testing which is a routine. Now you are probably feeling more comfortable with the pregnancy than before.

Symptoms :

You are almost in the midpoint of pregnancy and you will begin to show that you are pregnant for sure. Your abdomen will look enlarged and people can clearly distinguish that you are not overeating women. It is time for the internal organs like intestine and stomach to move around giving enough space for the expanding uterus. Your uterus will just push the intestine upwards and outwards and even on it’s sideways. You will start feeling better while standing than sitting or lying down.

Some women will have intense pain on their legs at this stage due to sciatic nerve pain. The pain can be felt on your legs occasionally due to the pressure exerted by the uterus on the sciatic nerve. It is the biggest nerve in your body which runs below the entire length of the uterus till the legs. You can discuss with your doctor if the pain becomes unbearable. She will find the right solution for reducing the pain.

You may feel comfortable while walking slowly instead of standing on the same place for long periods. You can alleviate the pain by using soft pillows under the legs while you are sleeping. By this stage you can feel the kicking movements of your baby. In rare cases there can be slight vaginal discharge for some women which is normal.

Baby’s Development :

At the end of 17th week of pregnancy your baby would be measuring 5-6 inches long and can weigh up to 6 ounces. You need to be careful not to make loud noises or hear to thundering music since it can startle the baby from now on. Your baby has developed sense of hearing fully and any loud noise can disturb him.

The bones of the ears have reached almost full growth by now and both the internal and external ears are developing fast. Unlike before his head will not look increasingly large anymore since his arms and legs continue to grow and expand in size. At this stage, the baby will look very much like a grown fetus except for weight and some internal features.

17 Weeks Pregnant

The body temperature of the baby is managed by the development of adipose tissue. The skin together with the fatty deposits will act as a protective covering for the child. In case you are having a boy baby he will start forming prostate glands at this stage. The bones are not yet fully developed and some of the cartilages are getting transformed into bones. Still the bones remain flexible so that it can pass easily through the vaginal opening during delivery.

Tips for the Week :

Due to increasing hormones and blood flow you can get rashes and allergies on your face. Always consult with your doctor before using any creams or lotions. Continue to eat and drink as before and watch what you are eating. Do not put on fat by adding more of fatty foodstuffs. Stick on to the schedule of exercises which will help you in many ways during labor pain. Do not sit or stand in the same position for long. Listen to melodious music which your son/daughter will also enjoy. Eat plenty of fiber rich diet to avoid constipation.

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