26 Weeks Pregnant

Many women would be enjoying this period of pregnancy since most of the disturbing symptoms are totally gone. Except for occasional pain in the abdomen they are fine most of the day. Don’t forget or postpone the scheduled visit to your doctor for prenatal testing and other screening tests. It is necessary to monitor the health of your baby to make sure that everything is fine with him/her.

Symptoms :

Do not panic if you have lost weight by one or two pounds in this week. It happens normally due to water retention and weight will not remain the same for every pregnant women. Do not keep on checking your weight daily giving importance to it. You will be notified by your doctor in case of any unusual weight gain or loss.

You may feel good one day and bad the very next day. Most of the women will have abdominal pain and sharp pain like that of menstrual cramps at this stage. You may visit the restrooms very often nowadays and eat many times. Craving for food would be at its peak and you can go ahead as long as there is no heartburn or acidity. Many women would have gained 20-23 pounds by the end of 26th week.

26 Weeks Pregnant

Development Of The Baby :

By this week that is very close to the end of second trimester your baby would weigh almost two pounds and measure 12-14 inches in length. In the middle of this week, your baby will open his eyes widely and will start blinking. Until this period, his eyelids were shut but now he can open his eyelids. The eyes will be almost fully developed along with other facial features. His body would be very thin and lean since there is no fatty tissue beneath the skin. In the forthcoming weeks he would start building fat molecules which will continue until his birth.

Tips for The Week :

You can get in touch with your healthcare provider if you are getting contractions frequently. Take maximum rest as you can. You will be getting used to headache, nausea, swelling of legs and back pain by now. Eat well and drink plenty of fluids to keep you hydrated. Try to spend more time with your partner and do not forget to do Kegel exercises or go for a long walk taking help from your partner. This will help you in getting quality sleep and will reduce back pain considerably.

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