3 Weeks Pregnant

By this time, you will know whether you are pregnant or not. You need not have to depend on the symptoms anymore since you can very well do pregnancy test. You can go for either over the counter tests or authenticated tests conducted through gynecologists. You have to select a gynecologist now and keep in touch with her for the next 9 months.

Body Changes and Symptoms :

There are some women who may not still know that they are pregnant. They would be thinking that monthly periods are getting delayed. Given with minimal bodily changes there is every chance to get misleading that you are going to have postponed period. But for majority of the women bodily changes and symptoms will become visible. There may be change in emotions, sudden mood swings and morning sickness with nausea. It is time for you to get pregnancy test done at home or at doctor’s office. For some women there may be sudden cravings for food and small increase in weight that goes unnoticed.

Growth of Baby :

Still your precious baby will be like a small ball. Though the size of the baby is still too small (less than 0.006 inches) still you should appreciate that your baby is growing rapidly undergoing series of changes every second. You should not become anxious to do scanning or ultrasound testing since even on the scan it is not visible. But remember that your child is growing fast to develop into a fully grown fetus in the next months. Within few weeks you can see him/her on the ultrasound scan.

3 Weeks Pregnant

Tips of the week :

In case you are confused in selecting an obstetrician you can get help from friends or family. You have to fix a doctor by now and get yourself tested. In case you are taking any medications you should consult with your doctor about discontinuing it or changing on to alternate drugs. By this time you should have started taking vitamins and folic acid which is essential for your baby’s growth.

You can prepare a list of questions you can ask with your doctor. You should prepare for scheduled visits after consultation with your obstetrician. Of course, you will have various doubts and running emotions in your mind about the pregnancy if you are newly pregnant. You can get it cleared from your expert doctor. Don’t forget to change your dietary habit for the upcoming months which should include nutritious diet. The food you take now will have direct impact on your baby’s growth and hence do not ignore your doctor’s advice regarding daily diet.

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