4 Weeks Pregnant

There are some women who may not have done pregnancy test under the impression that monthly period is getting delayed. Though physical symptoms are noticed for most of the women during this stage, still there are some women who may confuse the symptoms with change in hormone. Consulting a gynecologist or obstetrician is absolutely necessary at this week, if you have not done so far.

First you can go for over the counter pregnancy tests available with almost every druggist. Further you can fix up an appointment with your doctor to confirm the result. Making necessary changes in your diet and lifestyle is very much vital for the growth of your lovely baby. Your baby is one month old inside the uterus and your first trimester is on the way. You need to take care of the health and overall development of your baby.

It is the crucial period for the baby wherein vital organs like heart, brain, kidneys, liver, spinal cord and muscles are developing. Taking alcohol or smoking at this stage can have serious impact on your child. The baby will be put on high risk of abnormality during this week if you are going to continue taking drugs/alcohol even now. If you wish that you should have a healthy baby like others, then you need to bid goodbye for unhealthy habits. There are several NGO’s and voluntary organizations that are ready to offer help if you have decided to quit smoking or drinking. Similarly taking any strong medications without consulting your doctor can affect your baby at this stage.

Symptoms :

By now the vital hormone by name Human Growth Hormone HGC would be secreted in your body. This along with other pregnancy hormone can contribute for various changes in your body and mind. Most of the women will have nausea and vomiting at this stage. There can be drastic mood swings, extreme tiredness, anxiety, dizziness and exhaustion for many women.

During this week, women develop sharp smelling sense and respond to good/bad odor very much. There will be increasing tendency for vomiting due to any kind of smell. It is time you should control your emotions and enjoy the warmth of pregnancy. You are in the first trimester by now and you should not give room for negative thoughts and emotions anymore. Morning sickness would become a routine for many women. Do not take chance by exposing yourself to bad/pungent smell since it can aggravate vomiting.

Development of Baby :

It is hard to believe but it is true that your baby will develop heartbeat at this stage. The size of your baby will be not more than a seed of an apple, but organs are on the way of developing. The process of conception and fertilization is completely over by now and it is now your baby will be growing with full vigor.

The embryo or zygote will now include 2 layers called epiblast and hypoblast. By the end of fourth week of pregnancy, yolk sac and amniotic sac will develop. The yolk sac is responsible for complete nourishment of the growing baby until it is replaced by placenta. Many vital organs and vascular network of the child will be growing. The baby will be getting blood and oxygen from the mother through the umbilical cord. Slowly organs begin to develop starting with heartbeat and blood flow pouring in.

4 Weeks Pregnant

Tips for the Mother :

You will have to face the consequence if you are still on the influence of alcohol or drugs. Remember this will produce serious impact on your child by way of abnormality and shunted growth. Stop taking any kind of medications/drugs that would harm your baby. You need not have to hide that you are pregnant. Talk openly with your family to get enough support to come out of the bad habits.

It is the stage where every woman will need good support from her partner since she undergoes lots of physical as well as emotional changes. If you are pregnant for the first time, you can discuss your feelings with your doctor and clear any doubts. If your job warrants field work and plenty of travel you need to discuss with your boss now. Any kind of injury/trauma can cause abortion. So be careful while keeping every step. Take plenty of rest and sleep.

It is time for you and your partner to find suitable medical insurance. You should plan well in advance regarding the monetary factor and hence find out from your agent about the things that are covered by insurance. Make suitable arrangements for saving money from now on. In case you have a son/daughter you can inform them that you are pregnant and very shortly they will have another playmate. Make them responsible for taking care of their smaller one to avoid feelings of jealousy and resentment.

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