5 Weeks Pregnant

You cannot deny anymore that you have become pregnant. One full month has passed since conception and tremendous changes are taking place inside your uterus. Though at this stage people cannot find out that you are pregnant but you will know very much about the internal changes.

Pregnancy symptoms are clearly experienced by now. You have missed your regular periods and feeling tired, getting nauseated often and your breast are tender and warm. Further you will have morning sickness almost every day. You should have passed all pregnancy tests taken at home and the clinic. There is a baby growing in you and you can see him/her in another few months.

Symptoms :

It is the time where most of the women experiences morning sickness and nausea. Growth hormones are increasingly secreting which would eventually make several changes both physiologically and emotionally. Many women feel bloated and full due to the growing uterus. It would literally push your abdomen to continue its growth and you should be prepared for bulging stomach and increased weight for another 8 months. You will have the urge to pass urine often and you may not be interested anymore in eating your favorite items. Any smell will make you nauseated and you will need more rest at this stage.

Baby’s Development :

Your lovely baby is growing rapidly and it looks very much like tadpole having a tail. Now the size of the fetus is about 1-5 mm in length and within that small creature you can find all the vital organs are present. Heart, liver, bones, muscles and spinal cord are growing fast inside. The skeleton of the baby begins to take some shape.

By the end of 5th week, the heart of your baby will have 4 separate chambers and blood would begin the major function of pumping blood. You can hear the heartbeat of your baby through special ultrasound device. It is the time where neural tube begins to appear giving rise to brain and spinal cord later. A small placenta appears to provide link directly with the mother for receiving nourishment. Sensory organs like eyes, ears and nose also begin to grow at this stage.

5 Weeks Pregnant

Tips for The Week :

Still there is every chance for miscarriage and hence you need to be careful in continuing the pregnancy. Till the end of 3rd month miscarriage may occur and for some women ectopic pregnancy develops on the fallopian tubes. Follow the advice of your doctor if you have had miscarriage earlier. This is the crucial developmental period for your baby and hence it is essential for you to take nutritious diet and quit bad habits.

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