6 Weeks Pregnant

It is the 6th week of pregnancy and you have made it successfully. It is true that you are in the half-way of the first trimester. By this time, the baby will be growing undergoing series of changes to transform into a full grown fetus in the upcoming few weeks. Its shape is on the way and very shortly you can see your baby in the ultrasound scan. No woman can miss to test for pregnancy by now and all the tests will give positive results confirming that you are going to give birth to your baby in few months.

Symptoms :

By this week, the pregnancy symptoms will become prominent. There will be morning sickness, nausea, fatigue, weight gain, and cravings for certain food. It would cause mood swings in many women due to the sudden increase in growth hormones. The breasts will become tender. Needless to say, that all the above symptoms are experienced by you due to the growth of your baby.

Some women may lose weight due to nausea and vomiting and there is nothing to worry. But there are some women who would gain 3-5 lbs when they are in the 6th week of pregnancy. You need not have to compare the weight with other pregnant women since each woman will have totally different experience. The weight gain of every mom will vary on various factors including growth rate and weight of the baby. Most of the women would have visited their gynecologists by now and completed the first check-up. Your doctor may do the first ultrasound scan to make sure that your baby is fine inside.

Development of the Baby :

If you could watch the ultrasound scan then you can see the major developments in your baby. By now ears, nose and mouth are formed along with eyes. Though it may not be clearly visible to you an expert doctor will identify these features as tiny black dots. Arms and legs are not yet formed but the embryo will show signs of stub which would be seen protruding from the body.

Now your doctor can hear the heartbeat of your child and it will be ranging anywhere from 100-160 beats per minute. Growth rate is amazing nowadays with prompt blood circulation. The vital organs like lungs, liver, intestines and kidneys are forming and getting their shape. The size of your baby will now be about ΒΌ inch in length. Though the baby can make little movements, it takes time for the mother to feel it.

6 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy Tips :

It is right time for you to eat nutritious food since you need to monitor what you eat. Discuss with your doctor if you have doubts about the right set of diet and calorie consumption during pregnancy. You can take additional food rich in fiber and minerals to keep the baby growing in full swing. Eat more food does not mean that you have to take twice the regular meal. For women who have frequent nausea and vomiting, it is better to split the meals into many smaller ones and eat as many meals as you can. It can be one big apple or ripe banana you can take up for munching.

Morning sickness can bring down your weight hence you make sure that you are having something nutritious for every 2-3 hours. Be active and cheerful enjoying every activity you do. After all you are going to have your precious child in few months from now. It is not recommended to take medications for managing morning sickness/nausea. But if it disturbs your daily activity you can ask your doctor about it.

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