7 Weeks Pregnant

The growth rate and development of your baby would be tremendous. Except for morning sickness and nausea everything around you will be moving quickly. By now it is essential for you to get an obstetrician or gynecologist and continue with the same doctor till your delivery. There are lots of testing and ultrasound scanning to be done in the upcoming months and your doctor will be monitoring the growth of your baby closely till child-birth.

Bodily Changes and Symptoms :

Most of the women will not be exposing them to be pregnant in other’s viewpoint but you will feel bloated and heavy during this time. For some women a small pooch will be formed in the lower abdomen indicating the growth of the baby. But this is rare at the 7th week of the pregnancy and even this extra growth is likely to be caused by bloated feeling.

You may not be comfortable with your jeans as before by this week which is due to the internal growth of your uterus. Though it is not the right time to shop around for maternity clothes still you can start making preparations. Pregnancy symptoms will be in full swing causing fatigue, headache, body pain, morning sickness, nausea and tender breasts. You may not be able to eat any dishes which you liked before but you may have cravings for other food which you never touched before. You can eat anything you like provided it is healthy and cooked properly.

During the 7th week of pregnancy many women can find development of mucous plug on their cervix. It is done for sealing the opening of the cervix for giving added protection for the bulging uterus. The newly formed plug will be lost eventually when you are getting labor pain during delivery time.

Development of Your Baby :

Your precious baby will be growing in fast rate and now the size of the baby is about 13-15 mm in length resembling a blueberry. In an echo scan you can see the facial features which are developing. Eyes, nose, ears and nostrils are forming and mouth/tongue are also developing. Internal vital organs will be fast developing at this stage. The bones, muscles and tissues continue to grow every second.

7 weeks pregnant

Though the intestine and appendix are not fully developed but they can be identified at this week. Your baby’s liver will start producing red blood cells at this stage. On ultrasound scan the toes and fingers of the baby can be seen in the form of webbed shape. The baby will continue to receive nourishment from the mother to rapidly multiply its cells.

Pregnancy Tips for the Week :

Hope you have already got a doctor and you are taking nutritious food and required medications prescribed by your doctor. Remember that whatever you eat will directly be passed on to your baby which will continue to grow in fast pace.

You may be disturbed by the purge of hormones at times but it is natural. Some women will get irritated due to the secretion of growth hormones. You can always consult your doctor about the feelings and you can even consider joining any support group to share your views. In the world of high technology you can read lot of books online to know more about the rage of hormones and its effect on the would-be mother.

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