8 Weeks Pregnant

There are many women who schedule their first appointment with the doctor only after 8th week of pregnancy. Even now some medical practitioners would postpone the prenatal check-up until the completion of 8th week to make sure that it is not the case of false pregnancy. You may experience several symptoms due to delayed periods. It can happen due to hormonal imbalance and additional stress for many women. The chance of miscarriage gets reduced after the completion of 8th week of pregnancy.

It is the time for you to get ultrasound scan done. Many women will be waiting for this time to see their baby on the screen through ultrasound scanning. You need to sign lots of papers and fill in tons of particulars that are required by the government for officially recording the baby in the register. It becomes easy for the parent to get the birth certificate of their baby if they complete the registration process earlier. Many symptoms of pregnancy obviously begin to appear and you have successfully completed 2 months of pregnancy at this stage.

Symptoms :

Since the baby is fast developing during the 8th week of pregnancy women will experience various symptoms both inside and outside. The uterus starts growing bigger in size in response to the baby’s development. Now the size of the embryo is roughly the size of a grapefruit. The breasts will become tenderer and becomes more sensitive than before. It prepares itself for the lactation period and varicose veins begin to appear around the breasts. There will be increased blood supply to the breasts from now on. Simultaneously the skin of the breast will grow dark in color due to increased hormonal secretion.

However these symptoms are not seen on all women who are pregnant. It depends on various factors for the above symptoms to slowly appear when a woman becomes pregnant. For some women at this stage the nipples begin to grow in size due to the development of Montgomery tubercles. There can be even slight yellowish discharge from the nipples called colostrums.

Most of the women begin to experience abdominal cramps or pain during this week due to the growing size of the uterus. Still there can be morning sickness, nausea and vomiting for many women. The above symptoms are not the same for all women since every woman experience unique symptoms. Some women may experience heartburn, indigestion and constipation due to the bulging abdomen week by week.

Development of the Baby :

As the baby grows the embryonic period will begin to close for the start of fetal period. The embryo will slowly begin to lose its tail and now it resembles closer to human. Many vital organs will start growing at rapid rate at this stage. The intestine grows bigger and begins to protrude through the umbilical cord due to the growing size. The sex organs will be slowly developing giving identity for the growing baby.

It is the stage wherein ossification of the bones occur (hardening of bones) giving rise to the formation of elbows, wrists and joints of eh body. For some babies the facial features becomes clear at this period. The ears and nose will take its shape making its development both internally and externally. There will be formation of teeth and jaw line on the face for the fetus.

8 Weeks Pregnant

Tips for The Week :

Now you are pregnant obviously and hence you need to prepare yourself for your baby. Visit your doctor regularly without missing any appointment and it is essential that you are taking essential vitamins and nutritious food for facilitating healthy growth of your baby.

You can update your knowledge about pregnancy and its symptoms by reading books both online and offline. After-all, you should know what is happening inside you and how an embryo slowly gets transformed into a human child inside your uterus. For many women still the morning sickness and vomiting may continue but that does not stop you from taking fruits and fresh vegetables.

If you feel that your breasts are growing heavy you can purchase few maternity bras suiting the size of your breasts. For some women there will not be any necessity for purchasing special bras until the fetus reach 30 weeks or even more. The growth rate of the breasts will vary from one woman to another. You can consult your doctor about the changes that are happening to clear any doubts.

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