9 Weeks Pregnant

Changes are happening at fast pace in your uterus. In another 3 weeks, you will enter the second trimester of pregnancy successfully. By now you have crossed the risk of miscarriage and can be happy. You have to prepare mentally and physically for receiving your baby. Prenatal visits are very important for having a healthy child. You can always clear your doubts with the doctor regarding increased weight and your diet habits. She would be willingly assisting you in eating a nutritious diet which helps your baby to grow healthy inside.

In case you find it difficult to remember things, you can write down in a notebook regarding your daily medications, eating habits, special diet, and exercise habits.

Symptoms :

Many women would have started to feel bloated and heavy during the 9th week of pregnancy. It is due to the increasing size of your abdomen which shows clearly that your baby is growing. Heartburn and digestion problems would have become routine for most of the women during this stage. Hormones are racing in your blood and you may have mood swings and feel lethargic as well. Pregnancy symptoms include body pain, stomachache and fatigue in many women. There can be consistent weight gain in just a few weeks which can be due to water retention inside your stomach rather than due to weight of your baby. You may feel tired and sleepy most of the day which is due to increased secretion of progesterone hormone.

Still there can be morning sickness and nausea for some women which may disappear in few weeks from now. But remember your baby is growing inside and it is very much essential for you to eat healthy foods and take plenty of rest during this period. And you need to bear all the pain and fatigue for receiving a healthy baby which is rapidly growing in your uterus.

Development of the Baby

At this stage your baby would have just entered the fetal period crossing the embryonic stage. Still the baby would be just an inch or more long and it weighs only 3-5 grams. Physical features like ears, nose, and mouth are fast developing and you can find head, legs and arms are in proper place. Now the head lies very close to the chest. The tail that was seen during the previous weeks would have disappeared by now. The muscles and organs of your baby will be functioning on its own. For many babies the eyelids would have developed by now and most of the time it remains fused together. It will not open until the baby is ready for coming out or until the 27th week of pregnancy.

The baby would grow in size and weight from now on. Heart is fully developed during the 9th week of pregnancy and four chambers of the heart can be clearly seen in ultrasound scan. It starts pumping blood rapidly with fast rate of heartbeat. Sex organs are almost developed but it is difficult to predict the sex of the child using an ultrasound scan at this moment. You need to wait till the completion of first trimester for knowing that.

9 Weeks Pregnant

Tips For The Week

Many women would become sensitive and emotional even for trivial matters during this stage. It is normal for them to respond in such manner due to racing hormones and the partner should understand and cooperate. Anxiety and pregnancy stress would be at its peak now for most of you and you can join a support group to share your feelings. It would reduce your anxiety if you could share your experiences with others who are in similar stage. Hence it is time for you to get out of your house and stay active.

With improved technology and internet service, you can easily find support forums wherein you can share your feelings with other pregnant women. You can discuss freely with your partner through open communication and tell him what you are going through now. You need not have to worry if you are behaving in strange ways at this stage since it can be due to hormonal imbalance.

Whatever happens, ensure that you are regularly visiting your doctor and taking all medications along with eating nutritious diet every day.

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