23 Weeks Pregnant

It is important for you to visit your doctor regularly without missing any appointment to check the health of your baby and you. You should be gaining weight as expected since you are getting closer to the end of second trimester. Your doctor will closely monitor the growth of your baby and inform you about … Read more

22 Weeks Pregnant

If you look at you in the mirror you may be wondering how big you are looking now. Your belly is intensely showing that you are pregnant and you have made to the middle of second trimester now by touching the 22nd week of pregnancy. There will be plenty of internal and external changes from … Read more

21 Weeks Pregnant

You are halfway through the second trimester of pregnancy at the end of week 21. It is necessary for you to continue eating healthy foods and drinking plenty of fluids along with doing exercises and yoga. You would receive few kicks from your baby unexpectedly and you have started to wait for it anxiously at … Read more

Early Signs of Pregnancy

The only solid evidence for confirming pregnancy is to take urine test. But there are certain symptoms that indicate that you can be pregnant apart from missing periods. Some women can feel these signs in the very early signs before even they miss the menstrual cycle. Some Of The Early Signs Of Pregnancy Are Given … Read more

Eclampsia – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention

Eclampsia is the condition of sudden occurrence of seizures or fits in pregnant women. The seizure can be serious and life threatening. Eclampsia is caused due to preeclampsia which is sudden increase in blood pressure and increased levels of protein in urine during pregnancy. Pregnant women with mild symptoms of preeclampsia should stay connected with … Read more