Edwards Syndrome

Edwards syndrome or Trisomy 18 is the presence of additional chromosome by birth. The child will have three copies of the same genetic material instead of two. This birth disorder is common in girls when compared with boys and is a relatively common disorder. The extra genetic material will interfere with the normal development of body and brain. The disorder is named after John H. Edwards who initially described the symptoms in 1960. Edwards syndrome is very common genetic problem affecting almost one in every 3,000 children. The presence of third chromosome will cause serious consequences affecting the normal functions of heart and kidney and the patients with this disorder has low rate of survival.

Symptoms :

The child affected with Edwards syndrome will have clenched hands and his birth weight will be low. The ears will be set in low position of the face and the feet will have a round bottom instead of flat. Children will have small head and small jaw and reduced size of nails. The shape of the chest will be unusual and this condition is called pectus carinatum. Due to the low development of brain, the child will have serious impairment in mental functions.

Diagnoses :

The doctor can find the presence of enlarged uterus when the mother is pregnant due to large amount of amniotic fluid. The placenta will be small in the baby. When scanned for heart the baby may show congenital heart problem like ASD, VSD and patent ductus arteriosus. Further the baby would show a hole or cleft separated in the iris. The functions of kidney will be affected due to the presence of horseshoe kidney or polycystic kidney.

Pictures of Edwards Syndrome :

Images ,photos and pictures of Edwards Syndrome

Edwards Syndrome Edwards Syndrome Edwards Syndrome Edwards Syndrome Edwards Syndrome Edwards Syndrome Edwards Syndrome Edwards Syndrome
Treatment :

Since it is a birth disorder, no treatment is available in medical science. However if the condition is mild or moderate the child can survive on performing major heart surgery and kidney surgery. The condition and intensity of this Edwards syndrome may vary on individuals.

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