Ehlers Danlos Syndrome – Causes, Symptoms, Pictures, Treatment

Ehlers Danlos syndrome is an inherited disorder and is characterized by the presence of extremely loose joints and stretched skins. Some changes in genetic mutations can account for this disorder which impairs the functions of collagen. The collagen is responsible for supporting strength to the skin, bone and blood vessels and when the functions are disturbed it will lead to the condition called hyper mobility (loose joints) and hyper-elasticity (loose skin) and weakened tissues.

Causes :

The cause of Ehlers Danlos syndrome is due to inheritance. The parent will pass on the group of chromosomes to the offspring. There are several types of ED syndrome disorder which differ with respect to the grouping of genetic material. So the features may differ from one individual to other,

Symptoms :

The persons are characterized by loose joints and easily bruising stretchy skins. The wounds will take more time to heal and the skin is prone to scratches and bruises. Due to impaired joints, the child may get early arthritis with acute pain. The feet are usually flat and in some cases the children will have disturbed vision. The skin of the child will be very soft and velvet like due to loss of elasticity.

Diagnoses :

The doctor will look out for the signs of loosened joints and deformed eye. The mitral valve may be deformed and they may be rupture of eyeballs and intestines.

Pictures Of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome :

Images ,Photos and Pictures of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Ehlers Danlos Syndrome
Treatment :

Owing to genetic defect no treatment is available to cure Ehlers Danlos syndrome. If the condition of the child is mild to moderate certain surgeries can be performed for correcting the heart functions. Protecting the skin is extremely difficult owing to super softness of the skin. Wounds have to be treated with care and sutures can be difficult on the skin due to softness. Physiotherapy is given to treat joint pain and arthritis. Unless there is sudden rupture of blood vessels the mortality rate of ED syndrome individuals are low. Patients will have normal intelligence level.

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