Eye Stye

A stye is tender bump like structure found on the base of eyelashes or inner side of eyelids. Eye stye is harmless since it does not cause any pain to the affected person. In medical terms, sty is called hordeolum and is classified as external hordeolum if the sty occurs at the corners of eyelash or hair follicle of the eyes. It is known as internal hordeolum if stye is found in the gland of the lower eyelids. The meibomian gland is responsile for secreting oil like substance in the eyeballs and sometimes stye occurs in these glands causing excess of oily secretion giving rise to bacterial infection.

Symptoms :

• Watering of eyes (in excess)
• Formation of bump like growth on the basal portion of hair follicles of the eye
• Tenderness in the eyelash or glands
• Itching sensation and pain (rarely)
• Reddish bump on the eyes
• Eyes may become sensitive to light

Bump like growth may be found either on the glands found in the inner corner of eyelids or on the hair follicles. Pus may develop to secrete yellowish liquid from the eyes. Sometimes, it can cause dot like spots inside the eyes which can be painful till it begins to rupture for draining out the pus.

Causes :

If your eyelids are clogged, it can cause eye stye. A condition known as blepharitis which causes infection of the meibomian glands can give rise to stye. New cosmetic items can cause infection on the eyelashes and glands. Sometimes, when you are sharing makeup substance with others who have infection, you have more chance to develop eye stye. Heightened stress and emotions can also cause stye on some persons.

Sty commonly occurs on all persons but persons with history of diabetics, blepharitis and chronic illness like seborrhea are more prone to stye than others.

Diagnoses :

No special examination is required for diagnosing sty since your doctor will easily identify it by examining your eyes.

Treatment :

The best remedy is to consult your ophthalmologist without delay. Eye-drops are usually prescribed to reduce infection. Home remedies like warm or cold compress is used for treating sty. You have to apply mild pressure on the infected eyes by gently pressing it with warm compress. Leave it for 5 minutes and repeat this process for 4-5 times a day. Medicated drops and antibiotic ointments are given by your doctor for curing eye stye.

Prognosis :

If you have stye for longer period, then probably the gland may develop infection. The more the period of sty stays on your eyes, the more will be its inflammation and pain. Sometimes the oil gland gets blocked (chalazion) and your doctor may give you a steroid shot for curing the infection.

Pictures of Eye Stye :

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Eye Stye Eye Stye Eye Stye Eye Stye Eye Stye Eye Stye Eye Stye
Prevention :

Instead of squeezing the infected eyes, you have to wait patiently for the infection to drain on its own. Mostly sty will settle down with warm compress, but you should not take a chance if the infection extends for long time. Avoid sharing cosmetics like lash-curlers and eyelids with others which may trigger infection. Avoid touching the eyes and its surrounding areas frequently.

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