Goldenhar Syndrome

Goldenhar syndrome is a condition that causes deformities on the face. This syndrome is congenital and is inherited by birth. It affects one side of the face, leaving the other side normal. Goldenhar syndrome is medically termed as Oculoauicular dysplasia (OAV). Study reveals that one out of every 45,000 births can have this sort of facial hypoplasia (asymmetry).

Symptoms :

  • The affected child will have severe deformities on his face like incomplete development of ear, nose and lips.
  • It normally affects only one side of the body.
  • In some cases, this syndrome affects internal organs like heart, lungs and even kidneys causing more problems.
  • The organs may either be under-developed or developed only on one side.
  • Sometime, the disease affects both sides of the organ causing permanent disability and deformation.
  • Loss of hearing, twisting of vertebral column and blindness are present in some children.
  • Mouth may be irregularly structured, with one corner high and the other low.

Causes :

Still the exact cause for Goldenhar syndrome is not known. Since it is congenital disease, (inherited by birth) nothing can be done to prevent it.

Complications :

The affected child will have defined physical abnormalities. In addition, he may have problems in hearing, speech and vision. Further he cannot move his limbs that are affected. Bones may get fused on the neck portion, making it difficult to raise the face. The child may have severe dental problems in soft palate. This may affect his esteem and many children are known to have poor intelligence.

Goldenhar Syndrome Pictures :

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Goldenhar Syndrome Goldenhar Syndrome Goldenhar Syndrome Goldenhar Syndrome Goldenhar Syndrome Goldenhar Syndrome Goldenhar Syndrome Goldenhar Syndrome
Treatment :

Though the disease cannot be controlled, still some remedies can be done for correcting the deformities. Jaw portion can be corrected using dent facial surgery. Ears can be operated to rebuild them in right size and structure. Bones have to be added to rebuild the cheeks. Similarly many corrective surgeries can be performed on the child, depending on the severity of the deformation.

Now with the help of craniofacial surgery, several types of deformities on the face can be corrected. Jaw distraction, grafting of bones, fixing of palate or lip, repairing the heart abnormalities and corrective surgery on spine can be performed, depending on the health of the child.

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