Hiccups are funny and strange noises which all of us make sometimes from our throat. Very commonly, hiccups are caused while eating quickly. Diaphragm is the dome shaped organ found in the upper portion of the stomach and hiccups are caused when diaphragm gets irritated.

Mechanism of diaphragm

Diaphragm is the vital part which separates the lower part of our body from the upper portion. As long as the diaphragm works properly, nothing will happen to your stomach and intestine. In the process of inhalation, the diaphragm pulls the air and sends it to the lungs. Similarly during exhaling air, it is the diaphragm which pushes the air outside. For some reasons, the diaphragm may get irritated and it pulls the air fast or in a rough manner pushing some quantity of air in excess. This additional air hits the voice box or larynx giving rise to hiccups.

Causes :

Very often, when you eat food quickly, it may cause hiccups. It takes sufficient time for the diaphragm to exchange the air to and fro the lungs. When there is any disturbance in the path, it may cause hiccups which are nothing but forcing the air out through the nostrils along with any particle.

Irritation in the diaphragm may give rise to sudden hiccups and mostly it will settle down when you drink water slowly.

Symptoms :

A strange sound is produced from the voice box while pushing the air outside when there is hiccups. Other than that, hiccups do not pose any problem to the person.

Pictures of Hiccups :

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Hiccups Hiccups Hiccups Hiccups Hiccups
Treatment :

No treatment is required for hiccups since it will disappear on its own after some time.Drinking water may help in reducing the intensity of hiccups. Doing breathing exercise will certainly help in expelling the excess of air from the diaphragm, thus stopping hiccups. Some people still believe that taking sugar or salt will help in reducing the noise.

Several home remedies are available for treating hiccups. Yogurt, ginger and mustard seeds are recommended to cure the strange noise of hiccups which may gradually subside after few hours.It is necessary to relax the diaphragm to clear the pathway of lungs to stop hiccups.

However some hiccups may continue for hours together and even for days and months. Then it is certainly a medical problem which should be attended to immediately. The doctor will first examine the body of the patient and find the underlying cause for the problem. In some cases, your doctor may invite reference from specialist to conduct further examination or for knowing the actual cause of hiccups.

Medications are prescribed to control hiccups, if it continues for more than 24 hours. Some of the common drugs given for controlling hiccups are Baleen, chlorpromazine, metoclopramide and haloperidol. The type of medicine and the dosage depends on individual health condition and it differs from one person to another. The dosage may also vary with your age and other health aspects.

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