Can you use HSA for breastfeeding supplies?

You can use HSA funds for breastfeeding supplies that are one-time purchases – things like a pumping bra or breastmilk collector – as well as items which will need to be purchased on an ongoing basis, such as disposable nursing pads and breastmilk storage bags.

Are breast milk bags HSA eligible?

Breast milk storage bottles or bags reimbursement is eligible with a flexible spending account (FSA), health savings account (HSA) or a health reimbursement arrangement (HRA).

Can husband use HSA for pumping?

Can I use funds in my HSA to pay for a breast pump for my wife to use to feed our child? … Yes, you may use funds in your HSA to pay for lactation aids for your spouse. Lactation aids like breast pumps are a qualified medical expense listed in Publication 501.

Are pacifiers HSA eligible?

You can spend your FSA and HSA money on everything from speed-read versions to temp scanners, pacifier thermometers and more.

Can I buy breast pump with FSA?

Breast pumps and breast pump accessories qualify for FSA reimbursement. If you buy through the FSA store, all purchases are guaranteed to qualify for your FSA, or you can return them.

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Can I use my HSA for my pregnant girlfriend?

You can use it on anyone in your tax family.

You can use your HSA to cover your or your spouse’s delivery costs, as well as future expenses of the child. HSA funds can be used on anyone within your tax family.

Can I use my HSA for massage?

Massages with a doctor’s note of necessity

In a case like this, accountholders can use their HSA to pay for the massage. For you to use your HSA to pay for the massage, you must provide a letter of medical necessity from your doctor that therapeutic message is really needed.

What can I use my HSA for baby?

Baby items and services eligible:

  • Breast pump and related supplies.
  • Nursing pads.
  • Nursing services.
  • Breast milk test kit.
  • Breast milk storage bags.
  • Infant formula powder (limited)
  • Baby monitors.
  • Newborn doctor visits.

Are tampons HSA eligible?

Can You Buy Tampons with an HSA? Yes! Thanks to the CARES Act, tampons are now considered a “medical expense.” That means you can use pre-tax income to pay for them through your HSA.

Is baby monitor FSA eligible?

HSA- and FSA-eligible items include everything from drugstore basics like thermometers and diaper cream to high-tech gadgets like baby heart rate monitors and hands-free breast pumps. … You can technically buy HSA- and FSA-eligible products anywhere.

Are pumping bras covered by FSA?

Nursing bras, shirts, and other apparel are not qualifying expenses for your FSA. (The exception? The hands-free bras used for pumping, though it’s not designed for use as an everyday bra.) So, wait for sales, because those bras are expensive.

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