What do you say when someone says your child is cute?

How do you respond when someone says your baby is cute?

When someone says “She’s so cute!”

Don’t say: Ah, but she’s such a little monster when it comes to sleeping/sharing/getting her way. Try this instead: Move the conversation away from her looks and toward something she controls. Say: “Thank you! She’s such a good kid.

How do you respond to compliments about your child?

Following these steps will make things less awkward or weird for you. Go for a Direct Approach: It is always suggested to reply directly when answering a compliment.

You can say something like:

  1. “I appreciate you for saying that.”
  2. “This is so nice to hear.”
  3. “So nice of you.”
  4. “That is so sweet. Thanks.”

What do you say to a cute child?

64 Positive Things to Say to Kids

  • You are loved.
  • You make me smile.
  • I think about you when we’re apart.
  • My world is better with you in it.
  • I will do my best to keep you safe.
  • Sometimes I will say no.
  • I have faith in you.
  • I know you can handle it.
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How do I compliment my friends son?

Check out their ideas below, and then share your own!

  1. “I love it when people comment on my son’s manners. …
  2. “You’re such a bright young man, [I] can’t wait to see how you will make a difference in this world!” — @ …
  3. “‘You worked so hard to climb that hill!’ …
  4. “‘You’re such a sweet boy!’ …
  5. “You are unique the way you are!

How do you respond to a girl that’s so cute?

5 ways on how to respond when someone calls you cute: When it’s a crush

  1. 01“You must be looking at a mirror.” …
  2. 02“Coming from you, that means a lot.” …
  3. 03“I guess hanging out with you rubbed off on me.” …
  4. 04“Sorry, you must have me mistaken for someone else. …
  5. 05“I guess that makes two of us! …
  6. 06“Thank you, I appreciate that.”

How do you compliment a parent on a child?

If you catch a mom being great, let her know!

  1. “Your Kid Looks Happy” …
  2. “I Admire How You Handled That” …
  3. “You Know What’s Best Because You’re The Mom” …
  4. “Thanks For Making The Time” …
  5. “Your Kids Are Very Well-Behaved” …
  6. “You Look Nice” …
  7. “Your Child Contributes So Much To Class” …
  8. “I Love Her Name!”

What do you reply when someone says yummy?

“You’re welcome” is an answer to “Thank you.” It would be appropriate if the customer said something like “Thank you for the lovely meal.”.

How do you respond to a flirty compliment?

If the Compliment Is Flirty

To respond to a flirty compliment, you can say: “Thanks so much- I picked this outfit just for you.” “I think you’re really attractive too.” “Thanks so much- I love how (insert another personality trait) you are too.”

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How do you humbly accept a compliment?

The rule of thumb when you receive a compliment is to simply and humbly say “Thank you” or “Thank you; I appreciate your kind words.” By accepting the compliment, you show gratitude for the other person’s kind remarks and do not come off as vain, bashful or prideful.

How do you say cute to a boy?

Ways to Describe a Cute Baby Boy

  1. fetching.
  2. fair.
  3. attractive.
  4. knockout.
  5. lovely.
  6. seemly.
  7. taking.
  8. well-favored.

How do you compliment a child?

Complimenting Kids the Right Way

  1. Catch Them Being Good. …
  2. Be Specific and Timely. …
  3. Show Some Admiration. …
  4. Meet Them Where They Are. …
  5. Love Them for Themselves. …
  6. Tell Them You Like Them. …
  7. Tell Them You Are Proud. …
  8. Measure Success on Their Terms—Not Yours.

What should I say to my child?

Positive Things to Say to Your Child

  • I’m grateful for you.
  • You make me proud.
  • Your words are meaningful.
  • You have great ideas.
  • I love being your parent.
  • You don’t have to be perfect to be great.
  • Your opinions matter.
  • You are important.

What can I say instead of good boy?

If you are using these terms to communicate praise for a certain action, it’s probably best to just praise specifically their action. For example, if your son comes home with a good grade on a test, it’s better to say, “Great job on studying and acing your exam” instead of “good boy, well done.”

How do I compliment my son?

Compliments for your son:

  1. You are so respectful to your teacher.
  2. You have great self control.
  3. You always have a great attitude.
  4. You have a great sense of humour.
  5. You care about other people.
  6. You make me so proud.
  7. You are one brave kid.
  8. You are so helpful to your brother/sister.
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How do you compliment your child’s friend?

How to Praise a Child With Words

  1. Praise Sincerely And Honestly. …
  2. Be Specific And Descriptive. …
  3. Praise Children’s Efforts And The Process, Not Their Achievement or Ability. …
  4. Avoid Controlling Or Conditional Praise. …
  5. Avoid Comparison Praise. …
  6. Avoid Easy-Task Praise Or Over-Praise.