Do you have to use Diaper Genie refills?

Can u use regular bags in a Diaper Genie?

“Diaper Genie Users: Save the blue ring and use your own trash bags—we’ve saved a lot of money with this one,” Jesse Lawyer posted earlier this week on Reditt under the username UncoolDad31. … “The scented bags help keep odors and germs locked inside. Regular bags don’t do that. One four pack holds up to 960 diapers.

Can you use regular bags with Dekor?

Yes, you can use regular trash bags – I use regular ones in the kitchen now that I no longer need the Dekor for diapers. … I use regular trash bags but remove them from the side to make sure the bag doesn’t pull on the hinge and tear. It’s easy.

Can you use regular garbage bags in a litter genie?

Step 2: Line the Litter Genie Pail With an Ordinary Plastic Shopping Bag. Line the pail with ordinary plastic bags from grocery store. You can layer multiple bags making disposal even easier. There is no need to leave the bags overlapping the pail edges when the litter genie is closed.

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Can you use Diaper Genie refills in Litter Genie?

Another similar product, Diaper Genie, but marketed for baby diapers uses a round refill and it can be made to fit in the Litter Genie system as this Intructables will show.

What can I use instead of a Diaper Genie?

No more leaning and bending down to throw anything away.

  • The Diaper One N Done. …
  • Diaper Dekor Classic Diaper Pail. …
  • Tommee Tippee Sangenic Twist and Click Diaper Disposal Bin. …
  • Creative Baby Tidy Diaper Pail. …
  • Munchkin Step Diaper Pail. …
  • Ubbi Rose Gold Diaper Pail. …
  • Janibell Commercial Diaper Disposal System.

What is the difference between Dekor and Dekor Plus?

The Classic will hold up to 40 newborn diapers. The Dekor Plus has a bit larger footprint and therefore has a higher capacity than the Classic. The Plus is well suited for one pail households, multiples, and in general more changes between emptying. The Plus will hold up to 60 newborn diapers.”

Can you use a Dekor diaper pail for cloth diapers?

Our Dékor Plus Diaper Pail has the largest opening of any diaper pail on the market, which is needed for cloth diapers since they’re larger than disposables. You can also remove the trap door to make the opening even larger if needed.

Do I have Dekor Plus or Classic?

The size of your Dékor Diaper Pail is on a label inside the access door of your diaper pail. Open the access door and you will see either Dékor Plus, Dékor Classic, or Dékor Mini.

How many bags can you put in a litter genie refill?

These easy-to-insert refills contain seven-layer bags with barrier technology to lock in odor and germs.

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How long does Diaper Genie refill last?

“Great value” I love the diaper genie refills! It’s a great value and each refill last me around 4 weeks depending on the diaper size that my baby is in.

Is there a dog poop Genie?

Never worry about pet waste odors again with the Pet Genie Pet Waste Disposal Pail. Push-N-Lock Clamp helps contain odors, leaving your home smelling fresh and clean.