Quick Answer: What does Vox mean on my baby monitor?

The Voice Activated Alert (VOX) feature allows you to conserve power on the video monitor. For example, you may want your video monitor to shut off when your baby is sleeping, and turn on when your baby cries. Adjusting the VOX sensitivity levels determines how sensitive the camera is to your baby’s cry.

What does low VOX mean?

Low VOC refers to volatile organic compounds that are not harmful to the environment and humans. It mostly refers to paints and other products that have a very low or zero VOC, e.g. sealants, adhesives and cleaners. Low VOCs are good for both the environment and living organisms.

What does VOX mode mean?

VOX stands for “voice-operated exchanged”, and is sometimes also referred to as “voice activated transmission”. With VOX switched on, the microphone is always listening out for your voice. When it detects you are speaking, it will then automatically start broadcasting.

What is Vtech VOX level?

The VOX sensitivity level is preset to HIGHEST. The parent unit speaker is constantly on, and you will hear all sounds (including background noises) from your baby’s room. The parent unit speaker turns on for soft babbling and louder sounds from your baby. It remains quiet when your baby sleeps soundly.

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What is a VOX indicator?

In telecommunications, a voice operated switch, also known as VOX or voice-operated exchange, is a switch that operates when sound over a certain threshold is detected. It is usually used to turn on a transmitter or recorder when someone speaks and turn it off when they stop speaking.

How long do VOC fumes last?

The VOCs emanating from a product dissipate over time as the chemicals vaporize. VOCs from paint dissipate fairly quickly with most offgassing occuring during the first 6 months after application. Other sources, such as particle board may continue to offgas for 20 years or more.

Is low VOC paint safe for babies?

Long-term exposure to high levels of some VOCs is thought to cause liver and kidney damage, and even some cancers. To keep a room baby-safe, choose low-VOC or zero-VOC paint.

How do I turn off VOX on my Oricom baby monitor?

You can select VOX on/off. During VOX on, parent unit display will turn off once the voice level in the baby unit is below the threshold. You can activate the video and audio at anytime by pressing the keys. Note : To conserve power,VOX is on automatically when parent unit is operated by battery.

How do I turn on my Hello baby monitor?


  1. Insert the plug of the Camera Unit power adaptor into the DC socket in the back of the. Camera unit.
  2. Insert the other end of the power adaptor into a suitable electrical outlet.
  3. Once the adapter is connected, the power LED will light up.
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How do I adjust VOX sensitivity?

The VOX sensitivity level is preset to the highest level.

  1. Press MENU when the parent unit is idle.
  2. Press or to choose VOX, then press SELECT or .
  3. Press or. to choose the desired sensitivity level, then press SELECT to confirm your selection.

What is VOX sensitivity on VTech monitor?

You can choose to hear sounds from the camera unit all the time, or to hear sounds that exceed a certain level. The higher the sensitivity level, the more sensitive the camera unit is in detecting sounds for transmitting to the parent unit. … The VOX sensitivity level is preset to Highest.

How do I adjust the sensitivity on my VTech baby monitor?

when the parent unit is idle.

  1. Press , , or to choose , then press .
  2. Press to choose VOX Sensitivity, and then press. …
  3. Press to to choose the desired sensitivity level, and then press. …
  4. Press , , or to choose , then press .
  5. Press or to choose Sensitivity, then press .

Why does my VTech baby monitor keep vibrating?

Welcome to VTech Support

You can set the parent unit to vibrate when: The battery is low; The link between the parent unit and baby unit is lost; The baby unit detects sounds while in Split mode.

What is the difference between VOX and PTT?

VOX, also known as “voice-activated transmission” or “voice-operated exchange,” is a switch that begins transmitting when you start talking, making it hands-free. Unlike the PTT, the VOX microphone is ready to transmit whenever it detects noise over a certain frequency threshold and stops when you finish talking.

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